Do you dread going up and down the 
stairs and wish it could just be easier?
Are you tired of hanging on for dear life every time you reach a set of stairs? 

Do you avoid certain stores or certain places because you aren't sure you will be able to navigate the stairs, curbs, or hills?

Do you find yourself sliding down the stairs on your bottom or crawling up the stairs at times?

What if I told you it was actually possible to go up and down the stairs with ease, even with knee osteoarthritis...

Yes, stairs are dreadful, tell me more! 

Trust me, even with knee osteoarthritis- it is possible to climb 
down the stairs like a "normal" person again.

I commonly find people are trying certain stretches and exercises in attempts to 
help with stair climbing but they are actually focusing on the wrong things 😵‍💫

In order to master stairs like you once did, you have to make sure you 
are taking the right "steps" to get there 😉

Introducing the 3 Stair Climbing 
Secrets Video Training

This training....

  • Tells you exactly what movements you need to master and a step by step process on how to get there
  • ​Helps you learn why you are doing each one of these movements which makes it SO much easier to be accountable
  • ​Has taken me years to create and perfect 
  • ​Has brought AMAZING results to those willing to put in the work
  • ​Holds the potential for you to finally stop worrying about stairs
  • ​Will save you time and money on potentially unnecessary doctor's appointments, imaging, and fancy braces
3 Stair Climbing Secrets in Action
Callie* had been dealing with knee pain for close to 5 years and she saw 2 surgeons. One wanted to do surgery immediately for a meniscal tear and one said "let's hold off". She was adamant about the non-surgical route and knew there had to be another way

She was "used to" having pain every time she went down the stairs and stopped hiking with her family because hills were a nightmare. She was tired of relying on medications and cortisone injections that only for short term relief.

Now, she doesn't even think twice about going up or down the stairs...something she never thought would be possible.

Getting Christmas decorations out every year was such a pain because it involved multiple times up and down the stairs. This Christmas, she had no pain during and she didn't have to pay for it later icing her knee all night. She wasn't even phased! 

What is also amazing is that because she mastered the stairs, she was able to run a mile for the first time in YEARS without pain during or after.

She has built strength and balance in ways that didn't irritate her knee. Her knee pain is no longer dictating the things that she can do. You could be next! 

Note that she did not do this overnight and it does take dedication and consistency. But the reward is incredible. 
stair climbing for arthritic knees
climbing stairs for knees
My Proven Method To Climb Stairs & Hills With Ease
Yes... for about the price of a sub sandwich (yes, seriously!), you can get access to a framework that took me years to create... 

is stair climbing good for bad knees

Here's EVERYTHING you get:

  Full Access To 3 Stair Climbing Secrets Training (Value $497)
  Instant Access To The TRUTH about how To Finally Squat Without Pain... even if You Have Had Pain For A Long Time! (Value $197)
  Instant Access To The KEYS to Jumping like You've Never Jumped Before (Value $197)
  Instant Access to the TRUTH About How to Become Confident on One Leg, the Key to Unlocking Pain Free Stair Climbing (Value $197)
  Instant Access on How To Find Motivation For Exercise Without Falling Off The Wagon Video Training (Value $97)
  Slide deck of the 3 Stair Climbing Secrets Presentation (Value $297)
Total Value: $1,482
For Only $7.00
YES, Alyssa! Give Me Instant Access To The 3 Stair Climbing Secrets And Bonuses RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00!

WARNING: If You Want To Break Free From Joint Pain (Even if You Think That You Need Surgery) - Read This 

When dealing with chronic pain, feelings of hopelessness are common. Surgery can seem like the only way out. Common thoughts include: "My joint is already damaged, there is nothing I can do about it" OR "My doctor told me my knee is so bad, there is no hope."


Research shows that the better you can get at climbing up and down stairs and hills, the LESS overall pain you will have. 

Read that again...

If you still don't think stair climbing can work wonders, take a look at what another study found. “There was consistent and convincing evidence that greater stair-climbing ability was related to stronger lower limb muscles and less knee pain.” How cool is that?!  (Whitchelo et al. 2013)

So when you hear your friends or family asking "Is stair climbing bad for arthritic knees?" now you have an answer for them! NO because stair climbing can help make you feel invincible with knee arthritis.

This is true with those with moderate osteoarthritis and the side effects are dramatically LESS than surgery. The key is making sure your joints are ready for stairs with the exercises and information I want to give you in this program.

Get The Ball Rolling To Climb Stairs And Hills Without Pain

In 30 days - Or Your Money Back!

We trust this process so much, we are putting a 30 day money back guarantee behind it. If you don't begin to experience pain relief following this system, we will give you your money back. There is nothing to lose! 
It doesn't matter what you have tried for your arthritic joints, this 3 Stair Climbing Secrets Video Training can work for you!

But, don't just take it from us!

Created by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Osteoarthritis Specialist
Dr Alyssa Kuhn is passionate about providing positivity and optimism about arthritis because typically everywhere you look you see frustration. 

She has shown people all across the world what is POSSIBLE, despite osteoarthritis. She has helped clients adventure again when they never thought it was possible. She wants you to know that you can actually enjoy life again even if you are feeling hopeless right now.

She is a published author of Move Well Age Well: How to Rock the Later Years with Fitness and Mindset. She embodies that adventure doesn't have an age limit and continues to break through the doom and gloom of osteoarthritis.
dr alyssa kuhn
When You Get Your Copy Of "3 Stair Climbing Secrets"(For Just $7.00)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - How to Master the Squat
squatting with arthritis
The TRUTH About How To Finally Squat Without Pain... even if You Have Had Pain For A Long Time 
Total Value: $197
You get the TOP 3 exercises with video instruction you need to master squatting without pain. This is the first step in tackling stairs and hills. This is a common step most people MISS and we don't want you to make the same mistake.
Bonus #2 - Single Leg Mastery
arthritis balance exercises
TRUTH About How to Become Confident on One Leg, the Key to Unlocking Pain Free Stair Climbing
Total Value: $197
Single leg balance is so incredibly important and one of the things that is typically overlooked! Learn the basics of what you need to do to finally get confident on one leg again.
Bonus #3 - POWER
arthritis balance exercises
How to become so powerful, your knee joints love you again
Total Value: $197
Did you know muscular power is one of the things that almost everyone avoids training if they have arthritis?! It turns out...the less leg power you have, the more progressed your arthritis pain becomes. 
Bonus #4 - How to find motivation video training
dr alyssa kuhn youtube
How To Find Motivation For Exercise Without Falling Off The Wagon Video Training
Total Value: $97
Understanding the best ways to keep yourself motivated could be the missing link in this program. One of the biggest problems we see is people know what they need to do but can't find the motivation to actually do it. Learn 4 tips in this video on how to be successful! 
Bonus #5 - Slide deck from the '3 Stair Climbing Secrets' presentation
3 stair climbing secrets for arthritis
Get the hard copy of these secrets!
Total Value: $297
The answers to the question "are stairs good for arthritic knees and other joints" is HERE in these slides. These are the exact slides I use for the presentation and I want you to have them to take important notes. I usually don't hand out my slides but these are so important for you to have!
Without taking action, your arthritic joints will likely get worse. You have to build strength and support before irritation is decreased. Following this system will help prevent the progression of arthritis if done correctly. 

We want you to have the resources to avoid surgery. If you have experienced surgery already, we want to make sure your pain levels stay down and your new joints stay healthy with these 3 simple Stair Climbing Secrets Every Go-Getter with Arthritis Needs to Know. 

Thanks again,
Dr Alyssa Kuhn

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stair climbing for arthritic joints
Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access To the 3 Stair Climbing Secrets Training (Value $497)
  • Instant Access to the TRUTH about how to Finally Squat without Pain...even if you had pain for a long time (Value $197)  
  • ​Instant Access To The KEYS to jumping like you've never jumped before (Value $197)
  • Instant Access on How to Find Motivation for Exercise Without Falling Off the Wagon Video Training (Value $97)
  • ​Access To the TRUTH about How to Become Confident on One Leg, the Key to Unlocking Pain with Stairs (Value $197)
  • Printable slides of the 3 Stair Climbing Secrets Presentation (Value $297)
Total Value: $1,482
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