Knee Arthritis relief is possible
Make your doctor's jaw drop with what you are capable of doing!
Don't sell yourself short because of knee arthritis!
  • WOW: Learn what's possible - No more second guessing if what you are doing is good for your knees! 
  • YES: Become confident in your future - Ensure you can control this pain so it doesn't lead to a debilitating future
  • 100% Guaranteed - If it doesn't change your life, we'll refund you!
"Just because you have knee arthritis and are 'bone on bone' doesn't mean your life is over! It doesn't mean you can only cycle and swim for the rest of your life. Unlock so many possibilities with this foundational stair climbing training. Running, hiking, jumping, and other high impact activities you thought you had to say goodbye to ARE possible."

– Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, Physical Therapist and Arthritis Specialist
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ONE TIME OFFER ($37): You're not just buying Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec malesuada lacinia odio, ac finibus massa blandit non. Curabitur magna nibh, sollicitudin in venenatis non, gravida vel orci. Praesent accumsan rutrum porta.

Untapping the superpower of Your body's own healing
If you can climb stairs with ease, you can do anything! 
With knee arthritis, going up/down stairs and hills can be two of the most difficult tasks. But actually, mastering stairs can UNLOCK lots of possibilities for fun activities like running, jumping, and high impact exercise! Even if you have been told you can only swim and bike for the rest of your life. Once you can climb stairs with confidence and ease, so many doors open for you. This is why this training is SO important. 

EXACTLY what you need to start your journey to knee pain relief:

$497 value

In this video training, you will learn 3 VITAL steps you need to make stair climbing a breeze. This is CRUCIAL if you want to get back to running, hiking, yoga, skiing, etc without flaring up your knee arthritis pain!

$397 value

We are taking the guesswork out of it for you and giving you the exact resources you need. No more wondering if what you are doing is good for your knee, these are the exact movements you need to reach your goals! You will get 3 downloadable guides following the video training.

Total value is $894 
...but you can get ALL of this for ONLY $7 today!

Imagine if you could run again
Imagine if you could just simply walk without pain.

I know you might be thinking these things may never be possible again because our your knees and you're not alone with these thoughts! But take a look at this story with one of my recent clients.

He started with chronic knee pain and back pain for 5+ years...

He wasn't able to make it through the work day without pain. He couldn't enjoy walks anymore because of pain and numbness.

After working through the elements of this Stair Climbing Secrets training, he learned EXACTLY what he needed to be doing and why he was doing it! 

In just a few short weeks, he was seeing massive changes. It wasn't just about what weights he could lift or what exercises he was doing. Mastering each of these steps in the Stair Climbing Secrets Framework, opened up SO many doors for him.

He could finally MOVE without pain. It no longer took him forever to get dressed in the morning. He finally could climb up/down stairs with EASE.


Once you master this proven framework, so many doors can open for you. We have had clients return to...

Walking without assist
Deep cleaning their home
Chasing grandkids
Doing Yoga
Going shopping
Riding horses
...and MORE.

We have helped people who were told they needed surgery, find relief with this system and actually AVOID it.

WARNING: If You Want To Break Free From Joint Pain (Even if You Think That You Need Surgery) - Read This

When dealing with chronic pain, feelings of hopelessness are common. Surgery can seem like the only way out. 

Common thoughts include: 

"My joint is 'bone on bone', I'm not even sure I can change my pain"

"My doctor told me I really can only swim and bike for exercise so I'm not even sure what I should be doing" 

"I am really scared for surgery but I feel like I have tried everything to get rid of the pain"


Research shows that the better you can get at climbing up and down stairs and hills, the LESS overall pain you will have. Too often though, people think stair climbing can make their arthritis worse and will avoid it at all costs.

But, take a look at what one study found: “There was consistent and convincing evidence that greater stair-climbing ability was related to stronger lower limb muscles and less knee pain.” How cool is that?! 

So when you hear your friends or family asking "Is stair climbing bad for arthritic knees?" now you have an answer for them! 

This is true with those with moderate osteoarthritis and the side effects are dramatically LESS than surgery. The key is making sure your joints are ready for stairs with the exercises and information I want to give you in this program.

Get The Ball Rolling To Climb Stairs And Hills Without Pain


Mastering the specific movements and building strength with this exact framework can make your doctor's drop their jaws when you tell them you are BACK to climbing stairs WITHOUT pain. 

Learn the specific steps that you need to break free from joint pain and be able to go down stairs and hills without cringing! These steps are SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD. These are steps that you will not find anywhere else.

We trust this process so much, we are putting a 30 day money back guarantee behind it. If you don't begin to experience pain relief following this system, we will give you your money back. There is nothing to lose! 
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